Alfatel Mobile Phones

Chinese mobile phones are very popular in India. Qualities of Chinese mobile phones are not so high but these handsets are very popular among youngsters. The prices of these mobile phones are very low if we compare the features of these handsets with the other mobile phones.Alfatel mobile phones are Chinese handsets loaded with number of features like Dual sim cards, Dual standby,MP3/MP4 player with video and audio recorder, loudspeaker FM radio,1.3 mega pixel camera, Bluetooth, voice change, support WAP, multi language, supports T-flash card, one key record.Number of Alfatel mobile series has been introduced in the market. Alfatel h4 mobile phones have five vibrative loudspeakers, double track melodious stereo. Alfatel C700 GSM brand, Alfatel T100, Alfatel H6, Alfatel C700, Alfatel H3, Alfatel H5, Alfatel H1A, Alfatel C500, Alfatel H7 are mobile phones of good quality. Alfatel H2 is a popular mobile phone with four lamps around screen. Some of the important tools of Alfatel mobile phones are clock, calendar, calculator, alarm, games etc.Alfatel H1 is a smart phone with seven cool speakers and good sound, a 1.3 mega pixel camera and touch screen interface. Alfatel mobile has the cool feature of dual sim which means we can activate both either of them or deactivate both and still use Camera, MP3 Player, and Games etc. The phone comes with battery, a headset, an extra battery, cell phone charger, standard Indian 2 pin input 100-240V. The charger interface is USB (Type-A) to Mini-B, hence we can even charge from our computer or perhaps use the connector cable from our camera’s etc.The features of Video, Camera and Audio of this mobile are fine.Alfatel H7 is a Multi Sim Mp3/mp4 GSM Mobile Phone with Vendor Warranty. Some of its amazing features are Dual SIM (One Active), excellent FM, latest Bluetooth, GPRS / WAP connectivity, high resolution Camera, GSM Band and it supports languages such as Vietnam, Thailand, Russian, French, Arab, etc. Alfatel C500 features Dual Sim, camera, FM, MP3 player, Video player, Blue tooth, Sound recorder, Video recorder, Alarm, Calendar, World clock etc. Nowadays all the handsets of Alfatel come with almost common features and tools.Nowadays there is lot competition in cell phone industry. With the introduction of Chinese mobiles the competition has now become much bigger especially between branded mobile and Chinese mobile. In Chinese mobiles there are lots of facilities available like touch screen, Videos, TV channels etc in much cheaper rate compared to branded mobile.

Digital Content Delivered Instantly On Customers Mobile Devices Like iPhone and iPad

Nowadays, more and more people are carrying smart phone devices around. Generally, most people are busy and on the run. As a consumer, do you still prefer to read the digital content such as eBooks, video and audio media on a desktop / laptop? Or do you rather have the digital content displayed on your smart phone devices, e.g. iPhone / iPad / iPod touch?I believe in this hectic world, everyone prefers the latter because most of them are entering into multi-tasking mode. They want the digital content displayed and consumed while they’re on the move, be it on the couch or on the train. They want flexibility and freedom!Now, if you are selling information products online and have a membership site with media and content, you do not need to pay extra $20,000 or more to developer for customization. Sling It APP is able to do the task for you.Besides, if the digital media is not shown on the mobile devices, you look outdated and out of touch with the market. Moreover, you look dumb with a smart phones, must as well get a normal mobile phone! In short, the purpose of getting a smart phone is to have a wider screen to read digital content.With Sling It APP – The application is FREE and CONTROLLED. Your customers download the software and they never have to pay any monthly fees or usage fees.It allows you to stream video, audio and PDF files to customers’ iPhone and iPod.To summarize, the features are as such:For USER* Unlimited content access with a media code given to you by content vendor.* The videos stream progressively wherever you have a WiFi or 3G connection.* You are able to listen to audio with built-in audio streamer.* You can bookmark your favorite content for easy access.* You can read eBooks and PDF documents with built-in PDF viewer.* The APP is FREE for downloading!For VENDOR* You are able to SAVE $20,000 or more! You do not need to pay developer to create a customized APP anymore!* You can increase your SALES by providing flexibility and freedom. Your members can watch, listen to, and read your content anywhere. For example, on the couch with iPad, on the train with iPhone or at the cafe with iPod touch.Also, Sling It APP is another killer application launched by Internet marketing guru Mike Filsaime. He is famous for creating well-known applications that the world wants.Some examples are Traffic Zombie, etc.